Friday, July 20, 2012

Chicago, I am invading you *UPDATED*

Planned a trip with the Minions to head to Chicago for 36 whole hours of fun. Well, actually, more like 18. The rest is bus city for us. Minion 3 is my little Aspie. She has a huge love for all things Myth Buster related.

Right now, the Science & Industry Museum (which also happens to be by favorite museum) has a Myth Busters exhibit that closes in early September. Time is running out. So today, I sat down and started figuring it out.

We found a bus route on that will cost us each $7 to get there, and $9 to get back. I would likely spend less on gas than $64, but then there's parking. And driving in Chicago. And being frustrated. So, for $64, I'll take a bus.

The bus leaves at 2:15am, so we just won't go to bed before getting on it. Hell, the kids have been staying up late for summer anyway, so 2am won't kill them. Then, we arrive at 6am, Chicago time, which is really fucking early.

I'm planning to eat breakfast at Union Station and take our sweet ass time before finding a bus to get us down to the museum. The museum doesn't open until 9:30am, though, so we'll have some time to kill as we wait.

Here's hoping that we don't wind up in a gang war while we wait. Or get mugged at knife point. Or have some random group break out into song and dance around us. Mostly that last one, please and thank you.

The bus route only has 3 available departure times from Chicago. 7am, 3:30pm, and Midnight. 3:30 is not very late- we would only be at the museum for about 4 hours once you add in public transport time. So, screw that, we're staying until Midnight!

We won't get home until 5am our time. I'll be crawling into bed around the time spouse is waking up to go to work. But we should be able to sleep most of the way home easily enough.

To kill time after the museum, I'm thinking of taking the kids to Navy Pier, as it's open fairly late, and it's close to Union Station.

(I only know this, because Google has a kick ass Public Transport map that gives me the bus numbers, times, and routes- go Google!). Also, Magnificant Mile is nearby, and has a Disney (YES!) store, and a Lego Store. So, probably stop by those two shops, then head over to the pier.

It'll be a Wed, and at 9:30 every Wed, the pier has fireworks. That'll leave us enough time to catch a bus to Union Station, and wait for our bus before heading home. It'll be a long full day of walking and fun, though.


This is what happens when I plan my posts in advance. I forget all about them, and don't change them. Way to go, moron me.

Plans changed just last night. We are driving down tomorrow, instead of taking a bus in 2 weeks. The cost went up as I waited for pay day, so the bus lost out. I think the bus would be great- if you plan your trip 2-3 months ahead of time. But, we were on a tight budget, so it really made things tighter than I wanted for the trip.

Spouse is going with us, but Minion 1 opted out of the trip to spend the night with her friend. I am, however, planning to go back with Minion 1 and my aunt in September to just spend a day kicking around and having fun.

We drive down, spend the day at the museum, maybe see 1 or 2 other things quickly, then we're heading out, and stopping at the sand dunes in Indiana on our way home. It's about a 3 hour drive, so it's totally doable in a day. As long as we leave Indiana by around 9-10pm, I'm good. I'll just suck down Monster on the way.

Anyone in the Dunes area of Indiana willing to point me towards a kitschy tourist area?


  1. You are going to be exhausted! Bring money - lots of it. Another cool way to get around is water taxi - it's fun, it kills time, and it gets to to and from all the places you want to go.

    1. Funny that this posted today. We actually changed our plans just last night, and are heading out tomorrow morning- by car. The price of the bus tickets went up enough that it was no longer worth it to me. This way, Spouse is coming with me, and I don't have to wander around Chicago with 3 kids waiting to have some unsuspecting group start a flash mob around me.

      Our youngest doesn't know yet- she's going to be very excited to see her Myth Busters stuff. Spouse is excited to get pizza. ;)

  2. So sleeeeeepy now. LOL. lots of walking sandwiched by lots of driving. But it was a good time.