Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mind Power, Todd, Mind Power

In Christmas Story (arguably one of the best pieces of motion picture history ever, or at least, in my house at Christmas time), the Old Man unveils his Major Award to the street by lighting that sucker up in the front window at night.

When his neighbor asks how he won it, he says "Mind power, Svede, mind power."

And that, apparently, is how women in this century get pregnant. Mind power.

Like, you can totally be laying there, and decide with the power of your mind, that it's just not the right time to get knocked up. Or maybe you decide, THIS IS IT! Time to get knocked up! In the family way!

Yes, this is in response to Akin's backwoods comments regarding women, rape, and pregnancy.

I'll spare you from the political theatrics. We all have seen it, we all have heard most of the great one liners, and we all have our own thoughts as to whether or not Akin belongs in a mental institution. I lean towards yes.

Mostly, what I have kicking around in my head, is the vision of a woman squinting her eyes in concentration (not in orgasmic bliss, mind you), with two fingers pressed to her temples as she tries to decide- "Baby yes, or no? Hmm..."

Who needs birth control? Us women? We have mind power, Todd, mind power.

Hell... I think I'll start working on that whole period thing. Because after 3 minions? I have no need for it. Why do I keep torturing myself with it? Must ditch that before next month. Yes, exactly.


  1. rofl - of course you found a way to tie it back to Christmas Story. :P

    1. This is so funny that you have this as a topic because my minion 1 aka J age 9 asked me tonight what if you have a baby in your belly and since I am currently separated and not dating anyone I advised him that I would need to be married first. He asked me but what if a baby started growing in your belly and you weren't married.... I was so not going there... - Anna's best friend K

  2. LOL, geat post. Yes I must say that women have that "third eye" ability.